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[This game was a product of Godot Wild Jam 30.]

Play through 13 days of the story of a rising boxer.

Boxing Sections are Rhythm Based; you can only perform actions on the beat.
Press Up Arrow to Punch.
Press Left Arrow to Dodge Left.
Press Right Arrow to Dodge Left.
(The game was intended to have a coach that acts as tutorial, but we have had to rush past stretch goals.)

The game was originally envisioned as a boxing game, where you and your opponent can only move on beat, with their "heart-bodies" pumping to keep you in time.
The game currently is a mix-match of placeholder and final assets, due to time constraints.
The game was originally meant to have multiple boss-fights, over 30 days. We have scoped this down due to time constraints.
We will continue to update the game with final assets if/when allowed.

A game that's ahead of it's time.
Literally, we rushed it.
Hope you enjoy.
Kiskadee - Programming
Sylph - Programming
Grimnir - Art
Munro - Design + Audio


heartbeat.zip 84 MB


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